Candy at OEH – Part 2

Since living in Japan, I always make it a point to go for a walk. During lunch breaks, on the weekends, or in a new neighborhood and sometimes in the evening. I prefer to walk for a minimum of 20 minutes one-way. I feel excited about the unknown. Within my first three weeks of living at OEH I’ve gone for an amazing walk twice.

The first time with another long-stay resident. It was my second night and I wanted to explore around Hirakata-shi station. K-chan was hesitant at first, saying he was tired from being out all day. I explained that I’m new to OEH and know nothing about the area.

It turned out to be a bonding experience. We talked the whole time and learned quite a bit about one another. It was a priceless memory and we even found my favorite 100 yen shop, Seria. I’m forever thankful to K-chan.

The other leisurely walk was from Sakuranomiya station to Osaka castle. This time with a short-stay OEH resident and my significant other.

When you go for a walk with me, I’m sure to inspect many things small, big and in-between. So we stopped often to enjoy the beautiful sunset in the autumn sky, take photos of the lingering damage from Typhoon Jebi (#24), and most importantly-a festival at Osaka castle.