Candy at OEH – Part 1

Hello everybody! My name is Candy and I’m from Wisconsin, USA. I’ve been living in Japan for 18 years now and am starting a new adventure by moving into OEH. This will be the first time in my life to live with so many different people of all ages and walks of life.

A little about my hometown. Wisconsin is located in the Midwest of America next to the five Great Lakes. We are known for our cheese, craft beers, homemade sausages, and American football, the Green Bay Packers. We also have a lot of beaches and excellent bicycle paths that stretch across the entire state.

This is a picture of the Wisconsin Rapids, a most see place when visiting Wisconsin and very popular with my high school and college friends. Beautiful place to enjoy any outdoor activity.

More about me. I’m the eldest daughter and child in my family. I first became interested in Japan when I was 7 years old while watching movies about Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor. I learned very quickly that Japan isn’t an evil place and immediately decided I must see Japan with my own eyes. My parents insisted that I learn to speak Japanese and I began to surround myself with Japanese friends.

This second photo is from a birthday party photo shoot. We all have a birthday during the winter months. So we decided to have a professional photo taken, American style. The five of us spent a lot of time together and they taught me a lot about Japan and Japanese life.

In the third picture you can see I’m wearing a kimono, holding a microphone and interviewing the leader of the taiko group before their performance. This was taken in Akita, Japan during a Music Festival the Akita City held while I was an exchange student. I was chosen to be the Master of Ceremony for the festival. To prepare I watched a lot of Warate Ii to Omou and repeated the jokes I heard Tamori-san say to my roommate.

The last photo is us being silly. My roommate and I spent two years together! We made so many good memories.

That’s enough about me.

I’m very excited to share my OEH experience with you!