Candy at OEH – Part 4

I want to talk about one of the MOST important topics for working adults, Having fun! As working adults, we may get into a regular routine of going with the flow. Getting up, preparing for the workday, commuting to work, finishing the workday, and depending on friends/family/coworkers going out for dinner, then heading home to repeat the steps the next day.

In Japan, this lifestyle is very apparent. And according to some of my housemates more so in Tokyo than Osaka. Then the weekend comes and depending on your hobbies, you’re out of the house the majority of the day. But the question is when did you TAKE the time to Have fun?

Living in OEH, I have come to find that the majority of the residents are seeking that element: to Have FUN! Not just sharing a laugh here or there. Serious time of HAVING FUN! And at OEH the main factor is gathering together as many residents and their significant others as possible. The next important factor is not let your schedule the next day affect how long you stay up HAVING FUN! And the last important factor is it’s less stress on fellow housemates if you choose to go out for HAVING FUN!

In a space of a week, going to a dance club in Osaka and the local entertainment center on different nights is a common means of HAVING FUN! The amount of preparation that goes into going out is quite entertaining in and of itself. And once you arrive to the destination, it doesn’t matter that your jeans aren’t ironed or you’re wearing a fleece turtleneck.

The dance club that has become a favorite for OEH residents is quite an interesting experience. It’s located in Shinsaibashi, Osaka and it provides a very unique service for all customers, male and female alike. Without giving away the name of the club, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination and apologize because I have yet to go, so I don’t have any pictures to share. Of the residents who have gone, they all give it an average of 4 stars!

The nearby entertainment center is close to Hirakata City station. The night I joined my housemates, we had a total of 16 people in the big Karaoke room. It was non-stop FUN! And funny! Singing such a wide range of songs with people from different countries as a very entertaining experience. We sang so many songs there’s no way I could list even half of them. Leaving in the wee hours of the morning was also a priceless moment.

The first picture shows the main intersection at Hirakata City station. It’s typically flooded with people during the day. Somehow at ?? o’clock it was desolate. I couldn’t resist taking a picture.

The other pictures speak for themselves… I give this Karaoke experience 4.5 stars-Hehe