Osaka English House

Osaka English House is a unique residence where communal spaces are shared by foreigners and Japanese students.
Established more than 50 years ago in the spirit of co-operation, O.E.H. provides an ideal opportunity to share cultures and languages with people from all across the world.

Kansai Gaidai University

Many of our residents are students at Kansai Gaidai University which is only a 20-minute bicycle ride from O.E.H. We have 2 study rooms, a computer, an English-language library and Internet.

Not just a Gaijin House

Half of the residents at O.E.H. are Japanese. This makes O.E.H. an ideal environment for foreigners wishing to learn about Japanese language and culture.
We often choose English teachers from among the Native English speakers who live in OEH. See our teaching opportunities

Social Life

We have parties every month! Cherry blossom viewing, BBQ’s, Halloween party, Momijigari, Christmas party, Setsubun and outings, etc.

See some of our activities here >

Best deal possible in Kansai

Conveniently located in the city of Hirakata,between Osaka and Kyoto on the Keihan Line.
All shops, banks and local gov’t offices are close. Friendly foreign and Japanese tenants. Large lounge with Free WiFi, TV / Bluray player, library, dining room / cooking facilities. Also, phone, fax, copier, washer / dryer, showers / bath, etc.

Need a break from the fast pace of Japan?

Osaka English House offers private rooms, a large cooking / dining area + a spacious lounge to relax in ― All the comforts of home in a Japanese atmosphere, along with the chance to make friends with the other foreign & Japanese tenants. Space is limited, please contact us for availability.

Located conveniently in Hirakata City

As a midpoint between Kyoto and Osaka, Osaka English House provides a great environment for English teachers and Japanese language leaners alike. Featuring complete private rooms w/bath + kitchen or private dorm rooms w/shared facilities. A large common kitchen, dining room and lounge also available w/access to TV, Bluray, tel, fax, PC, email, etc.

Looking for a place to relax and have fun? Our friendly and convenient international share house in a great location. Come and live with a fantastic mix of nihonjin and gaijin in Hirakata city (Keihan line). Apartments and private rooms, large shared lounge, library, dining and kitchen area. Bank, ATM, restaurants, and train station are only 10 minutes by foot.. All electricity, water, and gas taxes included.

Looking for a convenient place for working and sightseeing in the Kansai area? Check out O.E.H. Studio Apartments & Private Rooms in a friendly atmosphere. Established in 1967(building is new - 1989), close to Keihan Hirakatashi station (10 min by foot). We have a spacious community lounge & library, dining & kitchen area with Phone, Fax, TV, VCR, Piano, Copier, laundry, Refrigerator, Cooking utenciles etc. The private rooms have A/C, Heater and furniture.

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